StatiCAL Products

StatiCAL is a producer of static reinsurance products.

Helical reinforcement

A system solution for applying stainless steel helical tendons. A unique method that will help repair a wall structure that has cracks and provide reconnection (alternative to bricklaying).

Helikální výztuž STATIbar

Helical bars STATIbar

A system of stainless helical bars which are to be fixed deep within the masonry joint. Designed to be installed into structurally damaged brickwork and stone masonry for the to form ation of internal bond a masonary beams.

Helical anchor STATItie

stainless helical reinforcing tie, element fixed into a series of drilled holes to a specific site design, enabling retention of separate boreholes to integrate loosened masonry.

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STATIpile Mikropfähle


Reinforced micropiles to strengthen the load-bearing capacity of existing foundations where the foundations have subsided or are no longer compliant in terms of calculation. It is also possible to use for the foundation of new buildings.

Micropile STATIpile

BA vertically driven helical micro-pile designed to strengthen the load-bearing capacity of existing foundations where subsidence has occurred or where the original foundations are failing and no longer meet the original design criteria. not satisfactory any more. It can also be used for supporting building foundations in new constructions.

More products

Products for the application of helical reinforcement and micropiles, grouts, chemical anchors as well as application guns.

StatiCAL fillers

Specialist high strength micro cracking mortar ystem fillers for fixing stainless helical reinforcing bars elements into masonry, maintaining building flexibility. These mortars fillers can also be used separately to fill cracks.


A chemical anchor designed to anchor stainless helical reinforcing bars elements in loosened masonry. RESISTAT EASF contains no styrene resin. It can be used for the normal anchoring of helical stainless steel bar elements into masonry as well as concrete and stone.