Micro-pile STATIpile

STATIpile micro-piles are punched micro-piles of spiral shape made from aluminium alloy.

Micro-pile shape - the spiral shape provides many times larger friction area than an ordinary tube-type micro-pile. When installed by ramming, it is gradually screwed in and compresses (compacts) the adjacent soil. Spiral shape of wings provides support forces in all directions. The load induced, whether in pressure or tension, is distributed evenly over the total pile length.

STATIpile helical micro-pile



Use of STATIpile micro-piles

Increasing load capacity of partially collapsed foundations
STATIpile was initially developed for light repairs of foundation structures with disturbed static and difficult access. In combination with helical supports, the whole system is suitable for complete repairs of buildings with faulty foundation structures and cracked masonry. The repair is very quick, restricts the use of the building in the course of repair works to the minimum extent, and it is affordable.

Fixing additional foundation setting
In foundations, STATIpile micro-piles may also be used to increase the load capacity of the foundation in case of various extensions and load changes to original foundations.

New foundations for steel structures
STATIpile micro-pile may also be applied to support the tensile force. This characteristic can be used for stabilization of support walls, river banks, and where we may anticipate tensile phase effect (textile structures, cranes, telephone towers for GSM signal). It may also be used for foundation structures of new buildings in unfavourable places or under unfavourable foundation conditions.

Reinforcement of the base using a micropile STATIpile

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