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STATItie helical anchor

Stainless-steel helical support glued in separate bores to consolidate loosened masonry

It may be glued in using system cement or lime grouts StatiCAL or aloe the chemical anchor RESISTAT. Where the internal structure of individual masonry layers is loosened, it is suitable to use the STATItie system with an anchor is installed in the bore. This bore is filled with StatiCAL R30N grout or other system grout StatiCAL, and the support is screwed in the grout not set yet. Thanks to low-pressure injecting, all the space around the bore is filled.

helical anchor


Use helical anchor

Anchoring corners or connecting peripheral walls with internal partitions.
Straight support is glued in a pre-drilled bore. The bore depth might be up to 2 m with the diameter of 12 - 20 mm.

Supporting bulged gable walls.
Using STATItie anchors for anchoring gable walls and support column.

Consolidation of delaminated arch layers.
The grout is injected under low pressure into bores drilled at 90 o to the vault axial curve, filling all the space between masonry layers. Subsequently, a STATItie anchor of required length is installed.

Tension test

On STATItie anchors, it is possible to perform a tension test using StatiCAL testingunits. Some STATItie anchors may be partially glued in the resin RESISTAT EASF.

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