StatiCAL 30N grout

StatiCAL 30N is a non-contractible, thixotropic cement-based grout of excellent properties, adapted to applications using a manual application gun.

Proportionate amount of powder versus liquid compound provides constant properties and initial strength within a short time. It is developed to fill any free space when injected. Joint strength of injected mortar and its surrounding then increases significantly thanks to expansion characteristics of the grout. StatiCAL 30N grout is applicable to gluing metal components in almost all types of the masonry - concrete, bricks, stones, gas silicate, etc. The grout is however designed more or less for use with other products of the StatiCAL system as a binder. For more details see materials to individual products.

Zálivka StatiCAL

Cement-based grout

StatiCAL 30N

StatiCAL 30N was designed to be an ideal alternate to polyester resin, the use of which could be risky in some cases due to its flammability. High-rise buildings are a very good example. Non-flammable and odourless StatiCAL 30N has however also other characteristics that prevail over resins. Packaging of StatiCAL grout ensures always constant mixture quality and unambiguous properties. The package includes everything you need – there is nothing to be left over, and more vigorously – nothing to be added. Prospective applicator’s fault is strongly eliminated.

It is supplied in 16-litre buckets and includes 2 compounds – powder and liquid, which after mixing together provide 3- or 6-litre dose for injecting. 

Each package includes beside two compounds also a 16-litre bucket to preserve purity of the mixture. StatiCAL 30N is offered in two basic packages - 3 litres and 6 litres. 

Typical pressure strength at 20°C, 100 mm cube under supervision, and at wet hardening is presented in the following table.

StatiCAL 30N grout properties

  • Thixotropic, it does not drop off when applied on the ceiling.
  • Non-contractible, it increases adhesion.
  • Packaged to preserve steady properties.
  • Easily to pump even at long distances.
  • It fills all free space when injected.
  • Non-flammable, odourless.

Two-compound thixotropic substance designed mainly for applying supports of the StatiCAL system. It might also be used for sealing of arches or filling cracks.

Use of StatiCAL 30N grout

Liquid compound – a solution of styrene-butadiene copolymers and plasticizers. Dry compound – Portland cement, mineral filling agent, plasticizers.


Temperature ranges from +5°C to 25°C. Processing time from stirring approx. 60 minutes.


Suitable for injection applications or pneumatic gun, it does not run off, no segregation of the filling agent and liquid compound, workable on a long-term, if not exposed to air. No shrinkage upon hardening.


Always stir the whole package. When applied, the remaining portion of the open grout must be covered with a lid. In case of longer delay between fillings, always stir the remaining grout again in a stirring bowl. Use a new stirring bowl for each new package. It is included in each package to avoid contamination of attachments with hardened material.

Measuring results

Monitored property result unit
Pressure strength after 28 days 42,6 Mpa
Bending tension strength after 28 days 8,26 Mpa
Pressure strength after 1 day 28,8 Mpa
Pressure strength after 3 days 29,6 Mpa
Pressure strength after 7 days 43,7 Mpa
Base grip 1,9 Mpa
Frost resistance (frost resistant coefficient after 25 cycles) 98,0 %
Volume stability (expansion at hardening) +0,15 %
Specific activity index 0,08 -